Matthew and Sarah Hansen

While Sarah grew up on a family farm in Warren County, Matthew lived most of his life in Austin, Texas. It took a trip to the other side of the world for them to meet in Morocco, Africa. (Yes, there's a lot of blanks to fill in-between, but they would rather do that in person, over a beer!) After getting married in Illinois, they spent the next fifteen years living in Austin working as social entrepreneurs, opening new faith communities and non-profit organizations that would allow for new expressions of spiritual, cultural and community development. During those years, the local beer scene exploded in Central Texas, and Matthew and Sarah experienced the beauty that comes with brewery craftsmanship. In 2015, after years of international and local work, they were ready to set out on a new adventure, and return home. Upon arriving in Central Illinois, the Hansens began to dream about a brewery where the art of craft beer, and the social good of development would join together for the benefit of a local community. That dream is being realized in Knox County Brewing Company.

Photo Credit: Goff Photography


Our Family

Family business, family decision. Everyone in the Hansen family had a voice in the conversations surrounding Knox Co Brew Co, and that includes the 10-year-old. The Hansen family believes that embodying a strong commitment to family, adventure and collective joy is one of the most genuine ways they can serve Knox County and encourage community.

Photo Credit: Goff Photography



Knox County Illinois

While KCBC is not a co-op, it will attempt to function as such. The name, Knox County Brewing Company, represents a commitment to the local, and the belief that the citizens of this county are as important to the business as its purveyors. While Knox County may have social and economic challenges, it remains a beautiful place to raise a family, make lifelong friends, and enjoy the natural landscapes that surround. Along with local residents and surrounding communities, Knox County Brewing Company wants to reinvigorate this area's civic pride and partner with other local businesses to create new jobs, and in turn, strengthen the local economy.