as a family, we have traveled the globe, swam oceans, and hiked mountains, all in efforts to live ordinary well.  just three years ago, these adventures brought us to Knox County and inspired the founding of Knox County Brewing Company. this brewery is the result of our family living life intentionally for the good of the community we call home!   the values we have allowed to write our story, also guide the way we craft our beer and business.  


beer for the people, by the people

our business depends on local economy and sustainability. we choose to source our ingredients and tools as close to home as possible (all of our hops are from independent farmers in Illinois).  when we do this we help build a better local economy and keep the job creation close to home.



it’s more than just beer

our taproom environment is crafted to reflect the community that we all want; it’s a place where all are welcome. our business practices and brew methods embody what we believe — no filters, artificial flavors or preservatives — just natural, authentic, beer and people.



drink good beer — do good work

the best charity happens through partnership. we craft the beer, and you drink it. for every beer we brew, a portion of that sale will be donated to a local non-profit organization. it’s that simple. when you enjoy our beer, good things happen!