Currently Craft Beer is one of the top business endeavors in the US developing local economy through the creation of jobs and personal and tax revenue.  Craft beer is creating pride in counties, towns, and landscapes that have lost it.  Most of all, the very thing that sets Craft Beer apart from many other businesses is their commitment to local, ethical, and sustainable practices.  Environmental stewardship is a top priority for craft brewers. Maintaining a healthy balance between stewardship, social enrichment, and economic vitality is important to the future success of craft brewing.


Community involvement should be at the heart of any small business. At Knox County Brewing Co, we are committed to being a good neighbor, not only to our planet but also to our neighborhood community.  We plan on connecting with individuals, local businesses and non-profits to bring attention to what makes central Knox county great, the creative men and women that live and work here! Each year we will commit a portion of our time to work with non-profit partners. In addition, we plan to donate our space and our product to help bring awareness to the great work that our potential partners are doing. After all, beer tends to bring out a crowd!


At Knox County Brewing Co,  we take sustainability very seriously. Our plan is to focus our sustainability efforts in the areas of environmental stewardship, community involvement, and industry leadership. We will implement sustainable systems in our brewery. We desire to be leaders within Knox County in making our community greener through giving 1% of our annual revenue to local environmental efforts in our support for local community growers and producers. We will also make BrewBone dog treats from our spent brewing grains.


We are a values-based business.  Commitment to values comes before commitment to profit.  Allow me to explain.  We know we have to make the profit to thrive.  No profit = no business.  However, we fully believe that our profit will be a result of our values and our quality products.  Profit will follow the way we do business not lead it.  As mentioned above our profit will be used for personal income and well being, and 5% of it will go back into the community - 1% to local environmental efforts and the remaining 4% to endeavors and nonprofit businesses seeking to make a difference through individual, community and education development.  Our hope is that we will be able to turn enough profit through quality products and environment that we will eventually be able to raise our 5% to 10%.