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Thank you to all the organizations that submitted an application for 2019’s first quarter! We had 16 local organizations submit their names for consideration and that made our decision really tough! Thanks Knox County for making us work to give back—we’re excited that so many good people are working to keep our hometown a great place to live!

With that said, we did have to choose one organization and we are proud to announce that the 1st quarter recipient of our Return the Favor giving initiative is…


In response to our survey question, here’s what Erin and Ross at The Orpheum had to say:

Tell us why our partnership would be beneficial?

“Much like beer, theatre is a craft…The Orpheum Theatre has been here for more than a hundred years, and we pride ourselves in being a place where the community members can feel at home and experience something special together. Partnering with KCBC would bring the old and new together, a wonderful reflection of past and present: a relationship that only makes sense for two entities that strive to have positive impact in their communities and upon their customers. What could beat enjoying fresh, quality beverages made with care while experiencing or reflecting upon a recent experience at The Orpheum? We can think of nothing much better.”

What does it mean to RETURN THE FAVOR?

Knox County Brewing Company is built on three values: charity, community, and local.

For us, charity simply means giving to those in need, and resourcing local organizations that serve others.

For every beer brewed at Knox County Brewing Company, a portion of that sale will be donated to a selected non-profit organization. Organizations remain the beneficiary of the “Return the Favor” giving initiative for a three-month period.

Organizations that serve a population group, specific demographic, or human-oriented cause in the way of social, economic, educational, community, or cultural development are eligible to be the beneficiary of this giving initiative.