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Does your organization want to apply for the Q1 2020 RETURN THE FAVOR grant? Click the link above to be taken to the application.


Thank you to all the organizations that submitted an application for Q4 2019! Once again, we're humbled and excited to learn about all the good work that happens in Knox County!

We are proud to announce that the Q4 2019 recipient of our Return the Favor giving initiative is…


We are humbled to partner with this local organization that works with local youth to redirect them away from environments that may negatively affect their future. It is the mission of the Mary Davis Home to maintain a safe and secure environment and to create a positive impact on all residents through programming that will promote change and self-worth.

In response to our application question, here’s what the folks at The Mary Davis Home. had to say:

Tell us why our partnership would be beneficial?

“As a juvenile detention center, most people believe our clients are "throw away" kids who will ultimately end up in adult prison. It is difficult to find financing to do projects with our clients. Any help is beneficial to try to reach our clients and lead them in a different direction.”

What does it mean to RETURN THE FAVOR?

Knox County Brewing Company is built on three values: charity, community, and local.

For us, charity simply means giving to those in need, and resourcing local organizations that serve others.

For every beer brewed at Knox County Brewing Company, a portion of that sale will be donated to a selected non-profit organization. Organizations remain the beneficiary of the “Return the Favor” giving initiative for a three-month period.

Organizations that serve a population group, specific demographic, or human-oriented cause in the way of social, economic, educational, community, or cultural development are eligible to be the beneficiary of this giving initiative.