Dry Ice, Chaos, Guacamole, Salsa, Tacos, and a huge thank you....

Last Saturday (May 18th) was amazing and chaotic!

We showed up early to make sure we weren’t rushing to open by 2pm. Everything was getting prepped and Sarah reached into our bottle refrigerator and noticed it wasn’t very cold. We both looked at the kegerator (that thing that dispenses cold beer, yeah, that thing) and it was off!

We tried plugging it in, and every time we did so, it flipped a breaker. We called the warranty company: “sorry sir, there is nothing we can do till Monday.” We called one of our favorite electricians, who came all the way out to help us: “we really want to help, but if we touch this thing it will void your warranty.“ What do you do? We unhooked all the beer and moved it to our walk in before it got warm.

Then someone (thank you Lindstrom’s Appliances!) recommended dry ice. Seriously?!?! We are going to run a kegerator on dry ice? Yep, we did. It kept the beer cold, and it worked. While this was a very momentary issue, it’s a lot like life. When something goes wrong at the last minute we have two options - panic or slow down and improvise. Slowing down seems counterintuitive, but when we do, and we bring others into the problem, the problem morphs from “my problem“ to “our problem“, and the more heads involved the quicker a solution is found. We did it.

To think, I was ready to close for the day. Ironically we ended up having the busiest Saturday we’ve had so far in 2019. Often times in life we are ready to quit the new adventure we are on - things happen, people let us down, things get in the way, etc. Often our reasoning is because we can’t see a solution to that which is in our way. When this happens, bring others into the conversation, improvise, and make it happen!

Now a few words about a few menu items:

  • Guacamole: If you’ve had our guacamole, you know it isn’t pre-made. Nope. For each order we cut open a ripe haas avocado, smash it, season it, and top it. Boom. Nothing else. That said, that means if our selection at the local grocery store is small, then the amount we can serve is limited as well. While we hate saying, “sorry we are out of it“ our resources are limited, and we don’t want to compromise the quality of our guac. Not to fret, we are looking at other ways of getting good ripe avocados.

  • Salsa: If you’ve been in the last couple weeks, you’ve noticed our salsa isn’t red. It doesn’t come from a jar nor a plastic container. It too, is fresh made before each weekend. You’ve probably also noticed the color may change. A couple of weeks ago our salsa was orange. This past weekend it was green. Salsa, by definition does not mean red. The color of the salsa is dependent on the color of the peppers and tomatoes one uses. Our salsa is always a version of creamy salsa verde (though creamy, it is vegan). Sarah and I first enjoyed this deliciousness from a Texas restaurant called Ninfas.

  • Tacos: yeah, we’ve heard the compliments, and really they could make one blush. To be fair, “taco making“ is a prerequisite for being a Texan. Two weeks ago, we sold out of tacos. Last week we decided to remedy the issue by doubling the amount of meat we prepared. We sold out again. In fact, the last two weeks, our tacos have out sold our beer. That’s saying something. We are attempting to get a handle on this, so thank you for your patience.

Thank you!