Announcement about Hops and Local Economy

Before prohibition, the Midwest was the number one grower of hops.  Today over 90% of all the hops grown in the U.S are grown in the Pacific Northwest.  While we love the PNW (and love is an understatement!), when we purchase hops from the PNW, our money is being spent to strengthen their regional economy, not ours.  Again, we’ve got nothing but love for the PNW, and we want to see them do well, but the PNW is not my home. Knox County is my home, and Knox County is in Illinois.    

After spending time talking with Sharp Mountain Hops, Hallowed Hops, and Landlocked Hops, we have decided that to truly be practitioners of local economy, we  must be committed to this even if it costs us more.  We can’t spout local economy and then practice it only when it is convenient to us and our bottom line.  In light of this principle, we have some exciting news.

As an organization, we will source our hops from Illinois hop growers only.

To be transparent, we do have some hops left over from purchases we initially made, so you will continue to see those in our beer until we run out. Once those are gone every single one of our beers will be brewed and dry-hopped with 100% Illinois hops! And because we love you all, we are NOT passing on the expense to you. Our beers will remain the same one price that they’ve always been, but remember that every time you drink our beers, you are supporting Illinois hop growers.