Syrian Refugee Crisis: Stories of Hope and Survival

On Sunday, March 3, Knox County Brewing Company is excited to co-host a special event, The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Stories of Hope and Survival. This is the first event like this that we have hosted, but let me tell you why we’re excited for it.  

First, a little history.  Sarah and I have always had a love for the Muslim community - its people, its culture, its places. While in Austin, Sarah and I took a few church groups through an Islam 101 course and toured local mosques with Q&A panels from local Muslim leaders.  We did this because we wanted our folks to have the opportunity to learn about their Muslim brothers and sisters from Muslims themselves as opposed to the mass media.  

Sarah and I have traveled to both Morocco and Turkey and absolutely loved our time in both of those beautiful countries.  One of my favorite memories from that travel is sitting in local coffee shops, drinking delicious coffee, and listening to the early morning call to prayer.  I guess this sort of affection is bound to happen when the very roots of our relationship stretch back to Morocco. After all, it’s where we met as teenagers from two different parts of the United States.  

Since that time, I have done as much as I can to keep up with the different situations in Muslim-majority countries; most recently, the Syrian Refugee crisis has been in the forefront.  In fact, I recently posted on my personal Facebook page of my desire to travel with to Syria to serve or at least witness the crisis firsthand.  

Enter Shawn Smith, local pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Galesburg, new friend to us. Shawn reached out about co-hosting this event, and we were thrilled to participate.  With that said, we’d like to extend an invitation to you, our customers and friends, church members or not, to come learn about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. As always, there will be good people, good beer, and good discussion! We hope to see you there!