Mardi Gras Celebration

As a family and thus Knox County Brewing Company we like to celebrate Mardi Gras. For me, Matthew, this goes back to my love of the city, New Orleans. I love it there. All of it. The dirty streets. The fun. The history. The air. I’ve walked the streets many times, and celebrating Mardi Gras is, in a way, an act of memory. And for us, the celebration of Mardi Gras was the perfect way to lead our family into the observation of LENT.

Let me clarify a few things. I’ve been to and seen the actual Mardi Gras celebration in NOLA as well as Haiti’s version, Carnival (I don’t recommend that one). It is full of drunkenness, bad decisions, and violence. This is NOT how we observe or celebrate Mardi Gras, nor is this how we will celebrate it at Knox County Brewing Company. We do it with class.

Since we aren’t open on Tuesday, we are celebrating, tonight, March 1st. We decided to celebrate in style:

  • Starting at 6pm, Nathan Taylor begins a three hour show of New Orleans style jazz with vocals.

  • We will be serving Cajun tacos and mini-king cakes all made locally!

  • Our brewer’s plate comes to you with a French theme!

Again, remember, this is a family environment. So, even though the NOLA Mardi Gras is known for beads and skin, we can’t allow that. We aren’t cool with loud, obscene, or obnoxious language. And while we are at it, enjoy with moderation, no drunkenness that infringes on other customers. Let’s remember there are families who want to enjoy the evening as well. And most of all, let’s have fun!