Joe Stamm is coming!!!

Joe Stamm is coming! While this will be our first time hosting Joe, it seems that he is a bit of a local celebrity.  If you read our local newspaper, you’ll know that The Register-Mail has contacted us about the event, and we’ve had lots of phone calls about cover charges and reservations. All of this communicates that we could be much busier than normal this weekend - this is great news! To that end, we wanted to put a couple things out there so that we all have a great time this weekend!

  1. Is there a cover charge?

    Nope.  We don’t do that, or rather, we don’t want to do that. From our perspective, our music guests are a gift from us to you.  We don’t want you to pay more to visit this new brewery many of you have come to know as your Third Place or second living room.  Our ability to do this is really something we owe to the artists themselves.  They have been willing to work with us so we don’t have to charge a cover.  That said, if the opportunity arises and we have the ability to bring in larger, more well-known acts, this policy could change, mainly for crowd control.  But until then, there is no cover charge.

  2. How will you check ID?

    Anyone old enough to drink beer will receive an orange bracelet upon entry. Once the ID is checked, you will receive a bracelet, and every time you order, just waive your hand at us and we’ll see it. 

  3. What kind of establishment is KCBC?

    No matter who comes in, we are still a family establishment. This means we won’t tolerate excessive language, nor unruly and wild behavior.   For the protection of KCBC, Joe and Dave, and yourself, we will be monitoring consumption.  Yes, we want you to enjoy our beer, food, music, and your friends, but like every other weekend, we are going to keep it family friendly and make sure one’s “enjoyment“ doesn’t infringe on another’s.

  4. Do I have to order something to stay for the music?

    Like every other weekend, our standing room and seating, is reserved for paying customers only.  This is not a concert to simply attend.  This is something we are providing for our paying guests.   We don’t want to set hard rules on this, but if someone comes in and takes a table, orders a single drink and expects to hold the table the whole night, you’ll be asked to move.  

  5. Where can I stand?

    We still want to play by the rules, so all walk-ways to our entrances/exits and bathrooms will need to remain clear.  We can’t allow standing in front of the low tables, our guests who arrived early enough to grab those tables should have the privilege of enjoying the music from their seats.  Oh, and we can’t allow gathering or standing around the stage.

I get it, this may be a little excessive.  Maybe it is, and if the Joe Stamm show goes off without a hitch, then this will be the last time you have to read something like this.  But for the first time, we (along with all law makers/enforcers), think it best to be over communicative rather than under.  

Looking forward to hanging out with you and enjoying the music! 

KcBc Staff and Friends

Matthew and Sarah Hansen