We are constantly asked some pretty great questions. We decided to put this all in writing so you can refer to it, and we can add answers to other relevant questions as they come up.

We’ve heard you are family friendly. What does that mean. Yes, we are family friendly. We have a large family and our kids will be out at the brewery often. So, yes, we welcome you and your kids. We welcome all ages. However, because this is a brewery, and we have some pretty heavy machinery around, legally, we have to make sure that every parent takes responsibility for their children. To make this possible we will have craft sodas, popcorn, and yard games for kids to play and enjoy. In fact, click HERE, to read an article that mirrors our sentiments about kids in breweries.

What are your fall and winter hours?  Great question.  During Fall and Winter we plan on being open Thursday (4-8pm), Friday (4-10pm), and Saturday (Noon-10pm).  We are doing this for a couple reasons:   (1) This allows us to support other Galesburg businesses.  As we are ramping up we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy our beer in some of the other great establishments throughout Knox County. (2) We have already had a couple organizations reserve our space for holiday parties.  Since we are opening so close to the holiday season, we want to leave Wednesdays available for special events.  Which brings us to the next question.

Can we rent your space for holiday parties? Yes, this is the reason we are not opening up on Wednesdays.  Contact us at KnoxCoBrewCo@gmail.com or 309.318.9133

Will there be food on site? Yes.  We are partnering with Thurshwood Farms and Cornucopia to offer various meat, cheese, and vegetable plates.  We have a small popcorn machine on site along with a constant offering of craft sodas, gluten free options, and when possible, local food trucks (we would love recommendations).  

Do you have a calendar for upcoming events?  We do.  We will be posting all upcoming events on facebook and our calendar page, HERE.  However, here is a list of a few of the upcoming events:

  • October 20th - Grand Opening Party - Featuring Music from New Cats, food from Smokin’ Willies BBQ, and guest taps from DeNovo Beverage and Virtue Cider

  • October 27th - Monks & Ale Wives - we are using Halloween weekend to celebrate the history of brewing, by inviting everyone to dress up in Monk or Ale Wives costumes. 

  • November 10th - Live Music from Nathan Taylor Music

  • November 24th - Live Music from Jera and the Absoluts 

We keep hearing you talk about the value of “Charity”.  You claim you will be donating a percentage of every Knox County Brewing Co. beer sale to a local non-profit.  How will you be deciding which nonprofit is the beneficiary?  There are many great nonprofits in Knox County.  It has been difficult to narrow down who will receive our gift.  To do this we began with our values.  In order for a nonprofit to be eligible for our giveaway they must be invested in people. More specifically, they must be invested in people in the way of community, economic, family, educational, or social development.  After narrowing down our choices through this grid, we will make a decision for the first six months.  During this six month period we plan on hosting an exclusive potential investors night.  Those who decide to invest and become part of Knox County Brewing Co. will vote as to which nonprofit will be the beneficiary.  For more information you can contact us.   We will announce our first nonprofit on October 20th.

Matthew and Sarah Hansen