Wear the Brand

So, there you have it.  The logo explained:

  • Charity - "Drink good beer, do good work" (click HERE to read about it)
  • Community - "More than just beer" (click HERE to read about it)
  • Local - "By the people and for the people" (click HERE to read about it)

We worked really long and hard with branding expert and artist, Bethany Bauman.  We spent months going over attributes, drawings, and ideas.  We talked vision, mission, and locality.  Then when we finally landed on an idea we went through ten drafts, and each of those drafts had 3-5 different ideas.  In other words, we put a lot of mental energy into this concept, and Bethany executed it better than we could have imagined. 

We are proud of our logo.  We are proud of what it communicates.  We are so proud of it, we think every citizen of Knox County should be wearing it! Okay, we may be a bit bias, but we are proud of it.   

So, if you love it as much as we do, you can wear it!  Our shirts are ready for purchase.  Go to our facebook page, HERE, and send us a message, but hurry, we only have 35 left.  

Wear the brand!