Closed last weekend of the year

Conventional wisdom would say, “you should be open the last weekend of the year, throw a huge New Years party.“  There is nothing wrong with this, and we might do it in 2019.  But this year we are shutting down for the last weekend of 2018.  The question is “why”?  Why would a brand new business close the last weekend of the year?  We wanted to take a moment to attempt an answer:

  • Friends & Family: Tis’ the season for friends and family.  We are taking advantage of this, and heading to Texas.  We are spending Christmas in Dallas and then heading to Austin to spend New Years with Austin friends.

  • Rest & Recovery: We know many out there, work themselves out of fun, beauty, and enjoyment.  They work until they are worn out.  We aim to avoid this pattern.  We believe all should rest.  When someone tells us, “we’ve worked a whole year without a day off?”  We aren’t impressed, we feel sorry for them.  After two months of being open, we thought it healthiest for our family to take this time of year and step off the work treadmill.

  • Planning & Ideation:  The last two months with y’all has been amazing. And while there is some truth to the idea of, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”  We’ve never worked that way.  In fact, in every endeavor we have created and embarked on, we have shut it down the last weekend of the year - be it a church, nonprofit or a large project.  This gives us the much needed space to create a grid from the past year, to filter our ideas through for the new year.  To do this we are meeting with two great breweries in Austin, and touring another “off the beaten path” brewery to help breath life into some of our current ideas.  Some of the things you can look forward to in the 2019 are as follows:

    • Adding a few things to our menu - We are not adding a lot, just enough to compliment the beers we craft. 

    • Adding more hours, in a creative manner.  We don’t want to just add more, we want to do it with purpose. We want to make sure anything we add only enhances our “living room“ feeling and atmosphere.

    • Subtracting elements that may not be working.  Subtraction is just as important as addition, without this pattern, burnout is inevitable.  More is not always better.  

      • …etc….

We love y’all and love having you as part of our family.  We are humbled by the fact that you have allowed us to be part of your family… 

Love y’all…See you in 2019…

Matthew and Sarah Hansen