Breaking down the logo, pt. 3


Knox County Brewing Company is a values-based brewery:  We have three values that stand as the basis and filter for all the decisions we make.  These values will dictate what we will do, how we handle growth, along with what and how we brew our beers.

Our three values are Charity, Community, and Local.  We honestly believe that profit is a great by-product of doing what we love, but it is a horrible leader.  When "profit" is the guide by which we do business, we often wind up in the land of compromise: we settle for less than excellent ingredients, we make sub-par food, allow speed to take precedence over quality, and worst of all, we cheapen our relationship with those we serve.

Today we are wrapping up our three-part series about each of our values and how they apply to us.  The blog we did was about the value of 'charity', to read it, click HERE.  The follow up to that was our blog on the value of 'community', to read it, click HERE.  This week we want to talk about the value "LOCAL."

To prioritizing one's locality requires that the preferences, voices, needs, and concerns around us take top priority.   Being committed to the local allows us to specialize in small hand-craft batches of ales and lagers that reflect the citizens and landscapes of Knox County, rather than being driven by national trends, fads, and expectations.  Being local is about being committed to locally sourced ingredients and materials when available.  It means opting for American made steel when possible.  Knox County Brewing Company is committed to being small so that we can stay committed to being local in both relationship and craftsmanship.  

There will be tangible ways we plan on executing this.

  • Founding Member opportunities - we are currently working with consultants to create different partnership opportunities with local businesses and individuals that will allow you a seat at the round table.  These opportunities will include both limited and lifetime benefits for those who want to be a apart.
  • By the People For the People - In mid to late summer begin looking for "By the People, For the People" beer tasting events.  You'll have the opportunity to taste several beers, and lend your voice.  Your voice will literally determine whether or not these beers ever make it in a keg, bottle, or on the tap wall.  

To be a brewery committed to the value of 'local' is to be a brewery by the people, and for the people.  We want your voice!