Breaking down the logo, pt.1


 Finally, after several questions, it is time to reveal and break down the logo.  Our logo is a big deal for us.  We spent the money to hire brand specialist and artist, Bethany Bauman (if you are looking for a brand artist, look no further).  We spent months talking about values, ethics, beer, communication, place, the history of these rural towns, and how to communicate all of it through one simple logo.  So, what does the logo mean?   Let's work our way up, starting at the bottom of the logo. 

Knox County Brewing Company, also called Knox Co. Brew Co (say it fast), is a values-based brewery.  In other words, our values are the basis and filter for all the decisions we make.  These values will dictate what we do, how we handle growth, along with how we brew our beers.

Our three values are charity, local, and community.  We honestly believe that profit is a great by-product of doing what we love, but it is a horrible leader.  When "profit" is the guide by which we do business, we often wind up in the land of compromise.  We settle for less than excellent ingredients, we make sub-par products, allow speed to take precedence over quality, and worst of all, we cheapen our relationship with our customers.

In this first blog, we want to briefly write about the value, "charity".  Charity often gets a bad rap.  It is often thought of as a hand down, from a superior to one less advantaged.  For us, charity is not a hand down, or even a handout, it is a way to "pay it forward."  What is the "it" that is to be paid forward?  Great question.  The "it" in the pay-it-forward model is anything that is of value to you, that you yourself have worked for.  In fact, an ancient guru defined it this way: “Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is a charity. Your guidance of a person who is lost is a charity.”   In short, charity happens when you take something of value to you (time, money, talent, etc..) and give it away in order to assist someone else to move forward in life.  That's it.  We are a business, and for a business the lifeblood of sustainability is profit.  To give away a portion of our profit without the hope or need of being paid back, would then be charity. 

As a brewery, we are committed to charity.  In fact, we have an in-house slogan, “drink good beer, do good work.”  It’s that simple.   Knox County Brewing Co. will partner with local nonprofits and educational institutions for the good of our communities.  When anyone purchases our beer, three things occur: (1) you are enjoying a hand-crafted beverage (2) we are making a profit that allows us to grow and continue to make good beer, and (3) you are participating in charity.  How?  Another good question.  A percentage of that purchase will be donated to a local nonprofit, so they can continue to do the good work they are doing in our community.  It really is that simple - drink good beer, do good work. 

Matthew and Sarah Hansen