Breaking Down the logo, pt. 2


Knox County Brewing Company is a values-based brewery.  Our three values, which stand as the basis and filter for all the decisions we make, are charity, local, and community.  In our last blog, we talked about the value of "charity" and how it applies to us and our business model.  In this blog, we will introduce our second value, "COMMUNITY".

As a brewery, we truly hope to create a fully inclusive community.  Typically when we think of a bar (a term we prefer not to use), we think of a smokey room, full of exhausted men, throwing back high quantities of cheap beer or a place with music so loud you can't hear your own thoughts warning you against the stupid decision you are about to make to remedy a lonely night.  We think of a place not very welcoming to families, or those who don't fall into the aforementioned categories.  That is not us.  After traveling the globe and visiting craft breweries of all shapes and sizes we have witnessed the inclusive environment that craft breweries are crafting.  A place where everyone, including the little kiddos in our families, belong. 

We want to be your "third place." The concept of "third place" was introduced by Ray Oldenburg in his book, The Great Good Place.  Oldenburg says, third places are "the heart of a community’s social vitality", they are, he continues, very much different than our homes, but at the same time they are, "remarkably similar to a good home in the psychological comfort and support that it extends.”  The way we see it, a home is where a family grows together as one, and a third-place is the environment where the community grows together as one.  What the home is to the small family unit, the third place is to the larger community. 

To foster this we first and foremost, as noted above, want to create an environment where all are comfortable, even those who currently don't like or can't drink beer (for reasons of age or health).  We want to offer our space as a place people can rent for their community, family, or work events.  Finally, we want to be a resource to the community at large.  We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs, and if you have a dream to get started in the food industry or even another brewery, we want to be a resource for you. 

Maybe a better way to say it is, Knox County Brewing Co. is "more than just beer."  We are a community. We are a third place.  

Matthew and Sarah Hansen