You mean St. Patrick wasn't Irish? Or a leprechaun?

join us tonight for 

  • Live Irish music, by Turas (3/15) and Local faves by Charlie Hayes (3/16)

  • Irish influenced Tacos (in Texas we turned everything into tacos)

  • The last Holy Water, the Celtic Way (aka, green)

  • Oh, and our 16oz crowlers are back!

May love and laughter light your days, And warm your heart and home,

May good and faithful friends be yours, Wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world, With joy that long endures.

May all life’s passing seasons

Bring the best to you and yours. - Old Irish Blessing

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Matthew and Sarah Hansen
Mardi Gras Celebration

…remember, this is a family environment. So, even though the NOLA Mardi Gras is known for beads and skin, we can’t allow that. We aren’t cool with loud, obscene, or obnoxious language. And while we are at it, enjoy with moderation, no drunkenness that infringes on other customers. Let’s remember there are families who want to enjoy the evening as well. And most of all, let’s have fun!

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Joe Stamm is coming!!!

Joe Stamm is coming…that said we will be welcoming…

  1. Cover Charge: Nope.  We don’t do that.  Or we don’t want to do that. 

  2. Guest Bartenders: Yep, the Putnam’s are back, and o help expedite everything we are also including…

  3. Bracelets: once the ID is checked, you will receive a bracelet, and every time you order, just waive your hand at us and we’ll see it. 

  4. Family Environment: No matter who comes in, we are still a family establishment, meaning we won’t tolerate unruly or wild behavior.  

  5. Paying Customers: Like every other weekend, our standing room and seating, is reserved for paying customers only….

  6. Standing room: We still want to play by the rules, so we can’t allow standing in front of the low tables, nor gathering or standing around the stage.

I get it, this may be a little excessive, but we think it best to be over communicative rather than under.  

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Matthew and Sarah Hansen
Closed last weekend of the year

Conventional wisdom would say, “you should be open the last weekend of the year, throw a huge New Years party.“  There is nothing wrong with this, and we might do it in 2019.  But this year we are shutting down for the last weekend of 2018.  The question is “why”?  Why would a brand new business close the last weekend of the year?  We wanted to take a moment to attempt an answer…

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Matthew and Sarah Hansen

We are constantly asked some pretty great questions. We decided to put this all in writing so you can refer to it, and we can add answers to other relevant questions as they come up.

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Matthew and Sarah Hansen
Community Volunteer Day!

When you walk into the brewery we want it to feel like a third place for you and your family.  When you bring your friends in for a visit, we think it would be pretty rad for you to point out to the specific parts of the brewery you built and helped shape.  So, let's build this thing together! 

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Wear the Brand

We worked really long and hard with branding expert and artist, Bethany Bauman.  We spent months going over attributes, drawings, and ideas.  We talked vision, mission, and locality.  Then when we finally landed on an idea we went through ten drafts, and each of those drafts had 3-5 different ideas.  In other words, we put a lot of mental energy into this concept, and Bethany executed it better than we could have imagined. 

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Breaking down the logo, pt. 3

We prioritize the local is to be committed to being small.   Being committed to the local allows us to specialize and hand-craft small batches of ales and lagers for different restaurants, community events, holiday parties, families and individuals.  Being local is about being committed to locally sourced ingredients and materials when available.  We are committed to being a local brewery first and foremost, so that we can stay committed to being personal in relationship and in the way we craft our beers. We are committed to being small so that we can stay committed to being local in both relationship and craftsmanship. 

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Breaking down the logo, pt.1

In this first blog, we want to briefly write about the value, "charity".  Charity often gets a bad rap.  It is often thought of as a hand down, from a superior to one less advantaged.  For us, charity is not a hand down, or even a handout, it is a way to "pay it forward."  What is the "it" that is to be paid forward?  Great question. 

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Matthew and Sarah Hansen