Knox Co. Brew Lab

The craft brewery world owes its very existence to home brewers.  The truth is, there are home brew hobbyists out there brewing better beers than many of us will ever taste in any given tap room.  Many have simply decided to keep their craft a hobby.  At Knox County Brewing Co. we not only respect that, but we wish to honor it.  We are opening up a limited supply home brew store as part of our overall operation in order to be a resource for and promote the true craft of beer.  Knox Co. Brew Lab will have both an online component as well as a physical storefront.  We are in the process of making our initial order and setting up a space within Knox County Brewing Co. to assist in keeping the local hobby alive!  We will post the items as they come in on our store page.  Simply click HERE.

If there are specific equipment, grains, hops, or yeasts that you would like to see on our shelves, please click HERE and fill out the survey!