Intern of Communication & Social Media

Knox County Brewing Co. is a small nano brewery seeking to become a social enterprise modeling a new way of doing business in rural communities.  Therefore we take our core values very seriously: Drink Good Beer, Do Good Work: Charity, Community, & Local.

Knox County Brewing Company is seeking a Communication & Social Media intern who will be responsible for the day-to-day strategy, monitoring and growth of the KcBc social media platforms promoting our products and values. For consideration, please submit a resume along with a cover letter that provides information about your interest in communication, social media, your passion for craft and why you are interested in interning at Knox County Brewing Co.

Knox County Brewing Company Communication & Social Media Internship program is open to people who are nearing completion of, or have recently completed an education program or related degree or certificate program in the field of communication, marketing, and/or social media. The internship is designed for anyone, but most specifically for, people from diverse backgrounds presently underrepresented in the brewing industry (examples include women, racial/ethnic/religious minorities, first generation Americans, etc.) who seek a career in brewing. Interns must be authorized to work in the United States.

Interns will be selected on the basis of their past work and educational experience, the quality of their educational program and how well they performed in that program, their knowledge of beer and brewing, their aptitude for a career in brewing, and their passion for brewing.

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